Real Estate Exam Practice Sample Math Test

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Real Estate Math Exam
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1. A client tells you he is willing to pay you a 5% commision as long as she nets $250,000 on the sale of her home. To comply with her request what would be the minimum listing price?
2. A buyer's agent earned a $2,400 commision on a sale. If the total commision paid on the deal was 5.5%, what was the sales price of the house?
3. What is the value of an investment that is paying $695 per month at 7.5%?
4. If a property sold for $450,000 and rents at 1500 per month, what should a property renting at 1800 sell for?
5. Sales agent Ross has a 60/40 split with his broker. He just sold a home for $220,000 which paid a 3% commision. How much money did agent Ross make?
6. The sales price of a home was $180,000. The sellers paid a 4% commision to a broker. They then paid 1% of the sales price for fees and another $500 in miscellaneous fees. What were the net proceeds to the seller?
7. A home listed for $265,000 was sold by an agent. A $12,000 commision was earned at a 5% commision rate. What was the actual selling price of the home?
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8. The Bowman's accepted an offer approximately 10% below their listing price of $259,000. They paid a 3% commision to their broker. What was the sales price of their home?
9. A broker has negociated with a seller a 4% commision based on net proceeds. The home sold for $325,000 and the expenses to sell the home totaled $24,000. What was the commision amount paid?
10. A property listed at $500,000 sold for 5% below the listing price. What price did the property sell for?

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