Real Estate Exam Practice Sample Ownership Test

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Real Estate Ownership Exam
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1. What is the minimum number of people required to own property as tenants in common?
  There is no minimum
2. Right of survivorship goes with what type of ownership?
  Tenants in common
  Joint tenancy
  Concurrent ownership
3. Which of the following would be considered personal property?
  A trust deed
  A fixture
  An improvement
  A tree
4. An estate with a lifespan that is indefinite and has the ability to be willed is called a?
  Less than free hold estate
  Freehold estate
  Leasehold estate
  A life estate
5. What best describes realty?
  Land and permanent structures
  Land and everything on it
  Permanent structures
  Anything that can be sold or transferred
6. What is an easement in gross?
  An easement with only a dominant tenement
  The personal right to enter a property
  An easement that runs with the land
  An easement that may be revoked
7. What term would describe owning the right to a piece of property for a certain time frame?
  A cooperative
  A bill of sale
  A lease
  A trust deed
8. What is ownership in severalty?
  Ownership by one person or entity
  Ownership by more than one person
  Ownership in two or more properties
  Corporate ownership
9. What transfers real property?
  A deed
  A bill of sale
  An invoice
  A certificate of title
10. What is the highest form of ownership?
  Leasehold estate
  Life estate
  Fee simple qualified
  Fee simple absolute

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