Real Estate Exam Practice Sample Titles and Deeds Test

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Real Estate Titles and Deeds Exam
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1. Another name for recording a deed is?
  Constructive notice
2. If there was a clause in a deed saying that a property had to be used for a church, this would be called?
  A deed condition
  A use demand
  A covenant
  A deed restriction
3. What is the primary difference between a standard title insurance and an extended title insurance policy?
  An extended policy does not cover forgery
  An extended policy does not guarantee against unrecorded liens
  An extended policy requires a property inspection
  A standard policy requires a property inspection
4. A deed must be signed by the:
  County recorder
  Sales broker
5. A bill of sale is used to transfer what kind of property?
  Real property
  Personal property
  Real or personal property
  Any type of property
6. The person receiving a grant deed is called the:
7. CC&R's are:
  Federal restrictions
  Private restrictions
  Local building codes
  None of the above
8. For a deed to be recorded it must be:
  A warranty deed
  Signed by the grantee
9. For a valid escrow, there must be a conditional delivery of transfer documents as well as a(n):
  Valid listing agreement
  Abstract of title
  Escrow statement
  Signed purchase contract
10. A good reason to properly record a deed is to establish:
  Legal ownership of the property
  A date to begin payment of property tax
  A chain of title
  Possession of the property

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